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Welcome to the official website of Walkin' Horse Strops. I provide hand made, reasonably priced strops for both the consumer and the retailer. Understand that the strops sold on this page are never intended to compete with our vendors. The horse hides are purchased through the Horween Company which is the only US supplier of horse hides in any form including shell cordovan. All hardware is purchased from US vendors. We also stand by all strops we make whether purchased here or via our vendors. We encourage anyone with interest in carrying our strops to contact us. In the event you desire to return a strop for repair or for dissatisfaction, please contact us. Our designs are simple and our materials are tested and proven. Thank you for looking at this site. Please email us with any questions. Currently, all sales are going through eBay. Due to technical problems with this site, this was the only easy solution.

Contact us: WalkinHorseStrops@gmail.com

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Paddle Strop Leathers

WHS is not really into making paddle strops. Leather for paddle strops need to be specific sizes and are usually requiring of specific types of backings etc. However, some people would like special leather types and some enjoy our leathers. As such we have a few here to offer.  They are all 3"x 12". None have any backing. The edges are beveled all the way around to create a smooth surface. All of our leather  is represented here.  All are $25 shipped in the USA , or $45 shipped outside the US.  See payment information above. 
There are 2 Brown and one Chestnut English Bridle Pads. In the same picture is our split hide. The other photo is 4 Horsebutt pads.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Caring/Repairing for Walkin' Horse Strops

A common question asked by buyers is what do I need to do to care for my new strop. In virtually all cases the first 3-6 months is essentially nothing. All strops sold are ready for immediate use. We tend to use thicker and more durable leather than other makers which often results in a slightly stiffer strop up front, but also provides a longer lasting strop. In this light, hand rubbing the strop daily is purely for helping to break in the strop and improve flexible. Every strop we sell should easily last your lifetime with proper care. For each model we ahve our own recommendations below. Cleanign for all strops can be done with Feibing's Saddle Soap as needed adn all of the cotton on our strops is machine washable thoug air drying is advisable instaed of usigna dryer.

English Bridle: hand rubbing wekkly to daily is usually more than enough. You may use the Dovo yellow strop treatment or you can use tiny (ie one drop on yoru palm) of Neatsfoot compound. Just understand that these may discolor the strops and will likely have minimal effect onthe draw as these strops already have a substantial amount of draw and medium action.

Horse Butt: hand rubbing is recommended daily at first. If you desire to increase teh draw, continue the hadn rubbing daily and once per month add Neatsfoot compound sparingly. Compounds can be used more frequently, but if you over do the oiling process, it can never be undone. We have made oiled horsebutt strops in the past, but due to the desire to have fast action low draw strops that can have the draw increased by treatments to the users desires, we now leave all strop natural so as to allow the consumer to create the amount of draw they desire.

Shell Cordovan: this strop is a tricky hide to deal with. it come with a relatively slick surface that increases in draw with time. it can be oiled with Neatsfoot, but we do not recommend this. ti can also be used with the Dovo yellow strop treatment. These aer highly durable so hand rubbing will likely always be enough. Youc an also research horween leather and youw il fidn that pure carnuba wax can e used to repair scratches that may be made with custom razors that have sharp corners.

Slit Steerhide: this is also another tricky hide to maintain. Teh Dovo yellow strop treatment works efficiently to prevent "strop dandruff", but these strops if used properly whoudl not have many problems. Hand rubbing will help break in the strop and make it more flexible. With these strops you must remember than virtually any oil or water that touches it can discolor it. However, discoloration will not effect the strops utility.

Nicks/Cuts: cutsinteh middle of the strop must essentially be worked around. You can take certain super glu compounds and place it under the loose edges and then place coemthign flar on it while it dries, but then you must sand the remaing surface. nicks on the edge of the strops shoudl be trimmed and then sanded with fine sand paper, or using pumice stone. I can repair Nicks and cuts, btuthe fees are $20 plus return shipping at the customer's expense.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Available Strops

English Bridle leather is now a very popular stropping leather. There are many tanneries producing it with multiple techniques and processes making the best choice difficult.

          The leather settled on for our English Bridle is tanned in the UK. USA Shipping is $10.  Worldwide Shipping is $45. Payment must be made via Paypal to walkinhorsestrops@gmail.com.   
Currently Available: 4 strops
2" x 21" Split Hide with Genuine Linen: $57 (2 Available)
2"x21" Chestnut Bridle Leatherw/ Dark Brown Caps and
Genuine Linen: $57 (shown)
2.5"x 20" Chestnut Bridle Leather w/ Dark Brown Caps and White Herringbone Cotton:  $64  (not shown)

 2.5"x20" Dark Brown Bridle w/ White Heringbone Cotton (shown) :   $64
 International Shipping: $25